Porcelan crowns on zirconia support


The zirconia used in dentistry as zirconium oxide stabilized with yttrium (not with uranium!) is similar to the natural tooth in terms of color and transparency, and its strength matches the non-corrosive alloys. The manufacturing technique for zirconia infrastructure is CAD-CAM (computer aided design- computer aided manufacturing). Using special software, we create a virtual model of the future crown. A 3D polishing device transforms individual blocks into a dental restorative piece. The porcelain crown on zirconia structure is perfectly adaptable to the dental tissues.


Unlike the metal structure, zirconia allows the light to pass through in the same way a natural tooth does.

This is one of the most biocompatible materials available in dentistry and eliminates the possibility of potential allergies. Zirconia, used as structure for ceramic restorative pieces is also an efficient thermic insulator, maintaining the vitality of the tooth which is to be kept alive. Zirconia is used as a thin and resistant infrastructure which allows us to apply an additional layer of ceramic, through a special layering technique, with spectacular aesthetic results.


  • Aesthetic dental restorations of frontal teeth.
  • Aesthetic dental restorations in the solidified crown category with 2-3 elements.
  • Aesthetic dental restorations in the small bridge category with 3-4 elements.
  • Aesthetic dental restorations on implants.
  • For frontal teeth which suffer from discolorations, unsatisfactory appearance, deep cavities or root canal treatments, porcelain on zirconia support dental restorative pieces are ideal due to resistance in time, permanent color and a superior aesthetic look.