20 Motive sa alegi Odonto-med

1.  We offer intelligent services, real and of length

2.  You find everything in the same place-which maximazes effectivity, without time lost on roads.

3.  We use the latest equipment in terms of medicine.

4.  Sterilizing is our main interest.

5.  We own a modern laboratory in terms of dental technics.

6.  We use the latest type of anesthetic, which offers a calm and painless treatment.

7.  We treat each case promptly.

8.  You benefit from the newest and safest means of treatment.

9.  Our team is created out of medics from all the domains of stomatology.

10.  In our clinic, you will always find a kind entourage.

11.  Each intervention and treatment are operated in aseptic conditions.

12.  Our team is very experienced.

13.  We care about the patient!And we dedicate ourselves to serving.

14.  In each of us, you will find a good friend.

15.  Our payment system is very flexible.

16.  We are always open towards discussions and new ideas.

17.  Our consultions are professional, clear and precise.

18.  Our attitude towards pacient is very high.

19.  Our radiographic systems can obtain high-quality pictures and less radiation towards the user.

20.  Our parking and Wi-Fi is completely free of charge.