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Odonto-Med's mission

50 Motive

Mission that followed us and
guides us constantly.


20 reasons why choose us

50 Motive

Strength reasons and options, elucidated by our customers - that makes to be the first.


Odonto-Med clinic goals

50 Motive

We always grew up under a plan, based on certain targets, set in to be met.


How is done the work in the Odonto-Med clinic?

Programming procedure.

Once you have decided to visit us, all it takes, is to contact us by phone (+373 22) 74-19-90, to program a consultation. Once at the clinic, you will be met by clinic staff, which will lead you to your doctor.


Towards a more effective hygiene, we want to let you know that on the entry in our clinic, you will be asked to take on protective shoe covers.

One factor is no less important is to be mentioned that our clinic team, opt for a careful and clean attitude in all undertaken procedures, using various accessories for this purpose.

Social policy

We strive that our patients always be satisfied with our work. We make efforts and we get satisfaction when the patient is satisfied and grateful.

We don't choose or impose certain ideas. We make effort to make our work better as much as possible.

After registration, wait for the call of our clinic representative, to confirm your registration.

Odonto-Med's doctors team