Inlay is filling made in the laboratory. There are cases where there is too little teeth structure to support a filling, in this case they become a viable alternative, when several teeth surfaces are damaged. Inlays are type of fillings made in the laboratory, which can restore one or several walls, interdental lateral and one occlusal, reconstructing the contact points between the teeth and protecting the interdental bud from the pressure of mastication.


In comparison with classic restorations we can see the high quality of the inlays:

  • The shape of the tooth is recreated in detail in the laboratory..
  • The point of contact between teeth is reconstructed.
  • The color of porcelain does not change over time.
  • AAfter removing the cavity or old filling, the remaining dental tissue is protected.
  • Superior marginal adaptation and increased level of esthetics.
  • The gum is protected as well, though tooth contouring.
  • Last longer than an ordinary filling.


    As part of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening yields spectacular results. To enjoy clean teeth for a longer period of time, we advise you to stop smoking and avoid colored food and beverages. And don’t forget about constant hygiene consultations, mandatory after teeth whitening. The color of the teeth after a professional whitening stabilizes in time, while the teeth continue to whiten. Teeth whitening is not permanent. You have to repeat the procedure after 6-12 months, depending on your habits (smoking, drinking coffee, red wine, food coloring). To keep the color for as long as possible, we recommend using trays with whitening gel at home. After the procedure, you might experiment a slight sensitivity, which goes away after 2-3 days.

    You must use fluoride toothpaste for sensitive teeth. You can then use toothpaste with a whitening effect. After teeth whitening, you might experience that fillings and other prosthetics pieces do not match in color any longer, the frontal area being of extreme importance in cosmetic dentistry. For this reason, we recommend you whiten your teeth prior to having fillings or permanent restorative pieces. To keep your teeth looking beautiful and healthy, we recommend you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, since they remove any leftovers and increase the production of saliva (natural cleaning agent), eliminating bacteria which cause bad breath.