About us

Dental Clinic Odonto - Med

Odonto-MED is a modern dental clinic, founded in autumn 2003 and is situated in the Buiucani district of Chisinau, on the 5 Alba Iulia street, and it is easily accessible either by public transport, (maxi-taxi routes 115; 126; 121; 124; 172; 125; 193; bus 122; trolleybuses 3, 21, 22), either by car (we hold a private car parking).

We take care of your health through treatments that we offer, as well as by strict measures of hygiene and sterilization using the latest materials and instruments, disposable consumables and sterilization procedures at the highest standards. The clinic is equipped with a special sterilization room, which allows specific maneuvers in conditions of maximum hygiene. Our team is composed of people with special training, verified and accredited by the Ministry of Health RM.

Nowadays dentistry can guarantee painless treatment and we have the adequate equipment and materials, and, not at least, the required patience . We know how to communicate with you, to explain the clinical situation and give an appropriate treatment plan. The patient has the power to decide on the treatment option knowingly.

Clinic's amenities are among the most complex devices in this field. Brought from Germany, Italy and Japan. Technical equipment of the clinic includes: 5 individual surgeries allowing simultaneous treatment of patients and reducing waiting time, dental lab inside the clinic, radiology devices that allow a complex radiology, avoiding any movement outside the clinic, completely equipped surgery room to ensure stringent aseptic conditions, centralized computerized system which allows a perfect visualization on clinical situation of the patient, by the the doctor as well as by the patient, witch allows a better communication between surgeries.

Whatever you dental problems are, at our clinic you can find the best solution for solving them. We are always careful to both: your health and your budget, so you will always find the best relation between quality and price. We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday between 8:00 - 20:00, and Saturday, between 8:00 - 14:00.

Opinions about us

DARA - Singer

Safety is what makes us humans to get back where we had part of it. Odonto-Med is where I always felt like home. I am lucky, because being still a teenager of 13, I became a patient Odonto Med and I had care, attention, painless treatment and gentle attitude from my doctor dentist.

During nearly 10 years I am quiet because I know that every problem there, my doctor will know how to remove it, even more than that, he will take care to prevent dental problems that might occur. In all these years with my doctor I was able to change myself from a patient with constant dental problems in a patient who do visit the dentist once a year in a prophylaxis and aesthetic purpose! Denture is very important for each of us. I'm sure Odonto-Med physicians know how to keep it!

Lilian Cazacu – railway hospital surgeon

From personal experience I know that: guarantee of quality treatment is recognition of each patient!

This principle I met in this clinic, where I found the best medical specialists in all branches of dentistry; modern procedures and equipment of last generation, place the clinic at a higher quality level. All this make me trust that my and my family's health is in the hands of a good dentist!

Lelic Vadim - the Mayor of Telenești

In my opinion this clinic success is due to the team of professionals, offering dental services to the highest standard, with the latest equipment, and with a welcoming team that operates in a unique environment, all of this increase patients comfort.

Sirbu Oleg – owner AAL Group Ltd

I am a fairly demanding in terms of hygiene, so much I appreciated that in the Dental clinic "Odonto- med" a particular attention is paid to the problem of anti-infective sterility and safety of both: patients and medical staff of clinic. All instruments and surfaces that have contact with the patient's mouth are processed and sterilised in several stages, which totally exclude the possibility of any infection. All gloves, aprons, shoes covers - are disposable. Ampoules with anesthetics preparations, are used only once. I recommend the clinic "Odonto - Med" - you will have the sterilization and security at a highest level, guaranteed.

Terinte Serafim – President of Production Asociation "Oxentia Service"

When I decided to register for aesthetic dental treatment and prophylaxis, it was recommended to me Odonto-Med clinic by a friend and I decided to make a registration. The appearance of the clinic, otherwise pleasant, matches overall with a bright and comfortable interior ambiance, besides a very well cared for and welcoming staff. During the consultation, it was given clear and detailed information on diagnosis, treatment stages and price, then I totally entrusted doctor. Dental offices are equipped with performant equipment, strict hygiene rules are respected, professional skills and attitude of doctors are at a high level. I recommend Odonto-Med clinic for solving all dental problems.