Pressed Dental Ceramic Crowns

Pressed dental ceramic crowns are an excellent solution to restore frontal teeth, regaining the beauty of a natural smile. The dental ceramic crowns have no metallic support.

The structure is a strong sintered porcelain nucleus, which is melted and pressed in the oven at a very high temperature. The ceramic nucleus is coated with porcelain in several layers. Artificial pressed ceramic teeth gain the translucence and color of natural ones.


Pressed dental ceramic is biocompatible and has the great advantage that it requires a minimum polishing of the tooth. There are situations where these teeth, ready for the impression and restoration, can be kept alive. This contributes to that natural look the patient desires.

Pressed ceramic crowns are indicated for the frontal area and not recommended for patients with bruxism. They are not suitable for bridges (when one or several teeth are missing) since they lack the resistance of metal-ceramic restorative pieces. Teeth with metallic pivots are also not suitable for entirely ceramic restorations, because the color of the pivot will show through the translucence of the pressed ceramic crowns.


One of the main advantages of ceramics is that we can make an exact replica of the individual teeth, meaning opaque and translucent area. Using the CAD-CAM technique, we can make pressed ceramic crowns in one consultation. Moreover, pressed dental ceramic crowns are recommended for people who suffer from allergies, since the contact with the gums is made through a ceramic structure.