People who smile are perceived as being more beautiful, regardless of their age. Smiling helps to relieve both physical and mental stress while making us look more healthy and calm.

But what can we do when our smile does not have the color that we want? It’s easy, the answer is laser teeth whitening.

Smoking, improper eating habits such as drinking coffee or red wine, some antibiotics administered during childhood or simply ageing can result in the color changes of our teeth resulting in a yellow-with tint. As we age discoloration of the teeth appears different due to the natural ageing process. So, for most of us, teeth whitening may mean regaining a bright vibrant and young smile. Few, however, are those who are willing to wait 10 to 12 weeks in order to whiten their teeth at home, and because time is extremely important for all of us today, laser teeth whitening professionally performed in our dental practice is the time saving and extremely advantageous solution.

The Laser Teeth Whitening procedure is extremely simple. A bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide is being used and activated by the laser light making the results astonishing. The entire procedure is simple and extremely comfortable for the patient, also being, safe and fast.

It is imperative to consult the dentist before bleaching,. In addition, cavities must be cleaned and coated with dental cement before the dental whitening procedure .Once the dental bleaching procedure is complete the final restauration can be placed (filling), so that it will be consistent with the new colour of the teeth. Furthermore as a preliminary step the patient should undergo prophylactic treatment consisting of scaling, soft tissue anti-inflammatory treatment and professional cleaning.